Marketing plans are for suckers

“So, Scott, what’s your marketing plan?”

It was the first time anyone ever asked me that question.

“Um…yeah. I have no idea,” I laughed.

Maybe because I didn’t realize I needed one.

Maybe because I wasn’t big on writing out long, detailed plans.

Maybe because I just wanted to get my company started, rather then waste time planning.

Either way, I was inspired to give that question some serious thought.

Later that night on a long plane ride back from a speech in Orlando, I decided to write my entire marketing plan.

Course, I had no idea how to do that. Even with a marketing degree under my belt, I was sort of stumped! Guess it’s a lot different when it’s your own company.

Not sure where to start, I decided to mind map it. For the next two hours, I asked myself one question. Over and over:

“How do I market my business?”

I wrote down every possible channel, medium, idea, tip, technique and marketing intitiave I could think of. Everything I’d ever done (or could do) to get the word out about my business.

The result looked something like this:

When I showed this document to my girlfriend, her comment was, “It makes my eyes bleed.”

Aw, thanks sweetheart.

OK, so maybe it WAS a little complicated. Perhaps I should follow my own advice: make it easy enough that a five year old could understand it.

So I came up with a newer, simpler, less eye-bleeding version of my marketing plan.

The bare bones.
The baseline stuff.
The TRULY most important things I need to do to effectively market my business.

K. Ready? Here it is:

Scott’s Marketing Plan

1. Write for three hours every single day.
2. Be amazing on stage every time.
3. Let them come to you.

That’s it.

Sure is easier on the eyes, huh?

Best marketing decision I ever made.

CHALLENGE: re-think your marketing plan. Keep it (super) simple. Don’t complicate yourself.

What’s your marketing plan?

Post it here for the world to see!

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Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That Guy with the Nametag

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