Make war against the way things are

People transform when they’re satiated. 

When they’ve reached the threshold of no more. When constructive discontent makes them less comfortable where they are and they start to see a vision of how they can live differently. That’s when a portal opens up. An invitation to live a better story. That’s when people begin to create a new realm of possibility for themselves. 

But not without help. Transformation is an interpersonal experience. We need a secure base. People who can buoy our spirits. Because it’s hard to transform alone. We can’t just sit in a corner and perfect ourselves. 

In fact, when I think back to the major transformations of my life, I’m grateful to have never faced any of them alone. Each time I felt that I was being called to something different, there was always a friend or a mentor or a therapist or a partner who stood at my shoulder and pushed me to keep going. 

Somebody who helped me react to the life’s reckonings. Somebody who helped me wake up to what I was made for. Somebody who helped me declare my new identity with conviction. Somebody who helped me lean into a different future. 

Thank god for these people. These mirrors. These witnesses. For it is the sum of our witnesses that creates the picture of who we are. 

Without them, transformation just feels like a series of small, lonely incidents. LET ME ASK YA THIS…

Who are the people that helped carry your life towards its meaningful unfolding?

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