Listen To Scott Ginsberg’s Best Podcast Interviews of 2015

Without a collision between our work and the outside world,
we’re the tree falling in the forest that nobody hears.

That’s why I’m so profoundly grateful to anyone who has me as a guest on their podcast or radio show. I’ve done over five hundred of these over the years, and each one is more interesting than the next.

Here’s a compendium of interviews I did this year. Thanks to the hosts for having me as a guest!

1. Time management through the art of giving yourself permission: Hear this interview w/@LaneKennedy:

2. Can you imagine sharing 75% of your product for FREE? Hear this interview w/@HardWayMBA:

3. Being prolific, absurdly committed and the art of content. Hear this interview w/@AdamCarroll:

4. Having the guts to be yourself and never dreaming alone. Hear this interview w/@MitchMatthews:

5. Go behind the scenes on my musical & motivational masterclass w/@ToddSchnick:

6. Learn about my utter lack of planning and why excellence is overrated w/@JoshuaSheats:

The media is my best customer. Every interview is a privilege. 


Need a guest on your podcast? Holler.


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