Let Generosity Spring Up And Rise Again

I used to work at a youth leadership camp.

Teenagers from all around the world would gather in Geneva, bunk up with
complete strangers and spend two weeks hiking, canyoning, running team exercises,
learning problem solving skills and taking workshops on personal development.

Pretty cool stuff.

Made the summer camp I went to look like a chemistry class.

I remember my first year there. The camp director explained
that my role was more than just leading a few workshops, but being a resource for
the students.

Not a counselor or a staff member or a supervisor or an

A resource.

Their philosophy was, being a leader meant being a pointer. Somebody
you could tap on the shoulder, spend five minutes with, and walk away from with
a wealth of assets to support your journey. Somebody who opened up their
schedule, opened up their heart, even opened up their entire mental reservoir, on
a moment’s notice.

Interestingly, the term resource
stems from two French words. One meaning, “the spring,” and the other meaning,
“rises again.”

I think that’s a beautiful mantra.

As a friend, as a leader, as a human.

In someone’s time of need, let generosity spring up and rise


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