It’s A Jeep Thing…You Wouldn’t Understand

Have you ever seen these stickers on Jeeps? If so, you probably respond the same way I do: I don’t get it.

Exactly. Non-Jeep owners have no idea what these stickers mean. But, recently I got the inside track on this unwritten Jeep rule thanks to my cousin Justin, Jeep Driver Extraordinaire.

For years, online stores, shops, catalogues and dealers have encouraged Jeep owners to show their pride and enthusiasm with these officially licensed It’s A Jeep Thing…You Wouldn’t Understand accessories. Contrary to popular belief, however, they have nothing to do with marketing, brand arrogance or the intent to confuse the heck out of other drivers stuck in rush hour traffic. In point of fact, it’s all about creating community.

Today Justin and I were enjoying the beautiful summer weather while cruising around in his Wrangler. He pointed out to me that, since he started driving his Jeep over the summer, he’s been greeted and waved to by more people on the road than ever before! And the key point is, they’re always other Jeep owners! They wave to one another as if to say, “Hey, nice Jeep…brother.”

So, in light of the recent unfolding of the Jeep Community Mystery, I admit the following: I love Jeep owners.

Why? Because Americans spend an average of 72 minutes in their cars per day. The air and noise pollution that emit from these boxes destroys our atmosphere, both biological and psychological; all the while shutting us off from the rest of the world. But Jeep owners are different. They nod their heads, tip their caps and smile to each other. And even in the most unlikely places, they build front porches.

Take that, Guy Who Added Road Rage To The Dictionary!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go sell my Nissan on ebay.


How do you combat the evil forces of road rage?

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