Is my starting point the strongest baseline?

Starting with why is a fine idea.

But what about starting with who? As in, who you are?

If it’s true that you are the most important person in your life, then it stands to reason that your true self should be the baseline from which all actions are taken.

Because when you know who you are, every moment isn’t a moral challenge, it’s just a checklist. Motivation is neither here nor there. Choices are easier, interactions are warmer, relationships are healthier, risks are smarter, transitions are smoother, failures are faster and commitments are stronger. Starting with who allows you to navigate through this absurd circus called life in a much more intentional and efficient way.

Now, having this strong sense of identity won’t inoculate you from challenges and mistakes and moments when you want to yell and punch a hole through the wall. It’s just that once you’ve found your own sense of comfort with yourself, you have incredible leverage with which to walk through this world.

It almost feels like cheating. Like everyone else is taking the long way around, and you’ve discovered this shortcut. What a gift.

Cameron, in her bestselling book about the creative vein of gold, writes about the journey of becoming known to yourself. She says that one of the joys of this personal exploration is, at a certain point, you no longer need, ask or rely on others to tell you who you are. Their version of you doesn’t interest you any longer. Because now you have your own version of you.

Wow, have you reached that point in your life yet?

If not, that’s more common than you think.

Not everybody is fortunate enough to know who they are. Not everyone has the luxury to devote real time to reflection and introspection. Not everyone will force themselves to define exactly what they love and how they want to live.

In fact, you may be the kind of person where other people’s thoughts, feelings and energies contaminate your mental space and confuse you about who you are and what you think and feel.

Again, super normal. Even me, someone with an exquisite awareness of self, is still guilty of confusing other people’s translations with my truth.

Point being, this idea, starting with who, is a lifelong skill. In my opinion, it is thee number one personal development project worth undertaking, since it has a positive ripple effect on every single aspect of life

And so, if you’re not someone for whom the ability to start with who comes naturally, all hope is not lost.

Identity is still up to you to define. Regardless of what the world tells you, you’re still the author, actor and narrator of that story.

How might your life be easier if you knew exactly who you were? 


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