Inspired High School Student Starts Wearing A Nametag

Every summer I lead a workshop for YPO’s Junior Leadership University in Leysin, Switzerland. This year I met a lot of awesome kids, some of whom are pictured above. One student, Cam Scheible (bottom row, first on the left), recently IM’ed me with some great news. Since the beginning of the school year, Cam has actually been wearing a nametag every day at school! What’s more, the school paper did a story on him! Check out this article written by fellow high school student Caitlin Sherril:

You all have seen that crazy kid walking down the hallways with a name tag saying “Hello, my name is Cam.” No, he did not forget to take of his name tag after a convention, but he does it on purpose everyday! To many he is just some weird guy who wears a name tag, but I inquired about the mind behind the name tag.

“It’s really not my idea,” says Cam Scheible, junior, “I went to a summer camp and this guy named Scott said he had been wearing one for a couple of years now. As we all learned to say in unison, ‘It makes people friendlier and more approachable.'”

Yet some may not see the method to his madness, teachers have overall thought that it is an inspiring idea. Senora Juarez says, “It seems to make students more comfortable in the class room, especially him. When we have shadows come in it makes them feel very welcome.”

So put on a smile as he walks your way, because all he’s doing is trying to make you ‘friendlier and more approachable’!

“Thanks for the inspiration,” Scheible said. “I have only gotten one person to join me wearing name tags, but I’m going for more!”

Well…while I have never in five years encouraged any or all people to wear nametags, I gotta say: way to go Cam!


Seriously: would you actually consider wearing a nametag all the time?

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