Inspiration is helpful, but it’s not a guarantee

The creative process is twenty percent
magical, eighty percent mechanical. 

The necessary ingredients of progress are
consistency and focus and commitment and grit. 

Inspiration is helpful, but it’s
not a predictable construct. And that’s okay. Because once a creator starts
humbling himself as blue collar, middle class, job holding, clock punching,
hardhat wearing, factory working, manual laboring, elbow greasing, wage
earning, bread winning, rank and file, mercenary for hire, inspiration is
neither here nor there. 

Producing is just something they do. Every day. Those
are jobs done by doers, not describers. 

Here’s another way to think about it. 

Have you ever
heard about farmer’s block? Neither have they. Because if ranchers don’t tend
to their crops and animals and land every day, there is no harvest. Period.
They don’t have the luxury of even thinking about resistance to
production. They just go to work. Every day. And they trust that the forest
will provide. 

What’s more, they don’t have the arrogance to sit around
complaining about the lack of rainwater with the neighbor farmers. That
actually works in reverse.
In fact, if you listen closely, there’s an
inverse relationship between the number of words spoken about a project and
time it takes to execute. 

People who shut up, ship.

I was listening to an interview with a
legendary radio broadcaster, who ranted about writers that protesteth too much
about their own work. His advice was simple. 

Stop advertising. Just do it and
don’t tell the goddamn world about it.


What percentage
of your time is talking versus tilling?


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