If You’re Really Good, Your Legacy Will Come To You

Game raising is the quiet catchall.

Just keep getting
better, and everything else will take care of itself.

I learned that from a famous comedian. When describing his
rise to fame, he attributed his success to constant work at the alter of

What I like about that approach to success is, it has the
least amount of glamour and speed––and the most amount of grit and patience. It’s
the gradual ascent. Hustling while you wait. Playing the long arc game. Mastering
the art of not going away. Practicing your way out of obscurity.

And where the advantage comes from is accumulation.

Racking up the nights under the lights to multiply your
talent base. Which allows you to outlast most of the people you hit the starting
blocks with. Because while they were too busy marketing and networking and complaining
and perfecting their personal brand, you were quietly improving.

Proving, that the best way to build your own leverage is to
raise your own game.

It insures that nobody can take away the most valuable asset
you own.

What you’ve become.

Go get good. 

The vehicle of better will drive you to greatness.


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