If you wear a nametag all the time, this shouldn’t happen

After attending a Cardinals game last week some friends and I walked over to the traditional Redbirds post game celebration at a pub called Patty O’Brien’s.

Not surprisingly I had my nametag ripped off two times in a three hour period.

I must say, that still amazes me every time it happens. But it’s interesting to me that in 1,654 days; ONLY WOMEN have ripped my nametag off.

And what do I do when this happens?


Well actually, I do keep 10-15 spares in my wallet at all times for immediate reapplication. In fact, putting another nametag on right in front of someone who’s just ripped it off is one of the greatest comebacks of all time.

But what if the tables were turned? What would happen if I walked up to a strange woman and ripped off HER nametag? I wouldn’t dare do that.

Now, considering this incident occured at a weekend baseball game, you might wonder if I did something to provoke her. Not at all! In fact, I wasn’t even looking at this woman who came out of nowhere to violate my:

Was I asking for it? Perhaps. But that doesn’t make it ok.


How do you handle intrusions upon your personal space?

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Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That guy with the nametag


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