If you don’t know how, know who

But I have
no idea what I’m doing. 

That’s the biggest barrier in launching any new
project. Lack of competence. Absence of ability. Just imagine how many
thousands of ideas and businesses and dreams went unrealized because of that

The reality is, though, if you don’t know what you’re doing, that’s
okay. As long as you focus on knowing who you are, you’ll be fine. That’s the
priority. Identity before activity. Whom before how. And you trust that
everything else will flow outward from there. 

Peters once wrote a magazine article confessing that he had no idea what he was doing when he wrote the
most popular management book of all time. But he knew exactly who he was. A naïve,
creative, curious, provocative truth seeker who loved to read and travel and
talk to smart people. And that identity fueled the activity that changed the
face of business forever. Twenty years later, he called that book a punctuation
point that signaled the end of one era and the beginning of another. 

The lesson
is, if you don’t know how,know who. Once you give yourself permission
to do that, once you make identity ground zero for your dreams, anything you do
will be an honest extension of who you are. The world will stand up and take

And the satisfaction and fulfillment you’ll feel as a result will be so
profound, that you’ll forget all about the fact that you have no idea what
you’re doing.


Are you focusing on activity or identity?


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