I want to hammer a hole in the floor and fall right through it

Nothing ever turns out the way you
expect it to. 

And nobody in life gets exactly what they thought they were going
to get. 

Think back to your first date. 

Friday night you showed
up at the front door, flowers and candy in hand, dripping with sweat and far too
much cologne, running through every possible scenario in your head about what
she might look and smell and feel like. 

It was the longest ten seconds of your

But then, the moment of truth arrived. The deadbolt unlocked, your
stomach sunk to your shoes, the door opened, and behold, the family dog jumped
on your leg and peed all over the floor. 

That’s life in a nutshell. The
story we rehearse inside of our heads never quite plays out in real life. 

Everyone is disappointing, the more we get to know them. 

But that’s no cause
for cynicism. There’s no use in crying like a baby who can’t stand to live in a
world where he hears things that upset him. 

If a person is that out of touch
with reality, only disappointment and bitterness could follow. 

I’m reminded of my favorite surrealist manifesto from
more than sixty years ago. 

Breton wrote: 

Every day brings us new indications of disappointment which we must have
the courage to admit, if for no other reason than as a measure of mental
hygiene, and inscribe in the horribly debit side of the ledger of life. 

And so,
don’t allow each disappointment to breed a cynicism that makes the next effort
at change more difficult. Use it as a tool for finding out what you really

Stand still, eat the pain, forgive the world for being what is, try not
to get too disgusted with yourself, stick the setback under the pillow, wake up
the next morning and go find the next opportunity. 

Because it’s a long winding
road, and nobody is going to keep up hope for you. 


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