I MUST meet Jeffrey Shaffer – any ideas?

Jeffrey Shaffer is freelancer who writes about media, American culture, and personal history. He recently published a brilliant article in the Chrisitian Science Monitor called Nothing a good name tag can’t fix. (Article sent to me by John Milton Fogg.) Here are some exerpts:

“So here’s a hypothetical question to consider next time you’re standing at a busy intersection: Would you rather have your face captured on a surveillance camera or wear a nametag that everyone around you can read? What is more worrisome, losing privacy to the government or to your fellow citizens?”

“I know that having every person wear an identification badge while they’re walking around in public is totally impractical and would make all of us feel we’re attending a huge, endless business convention, but the concept might be useful on a much smaller scale, so here is a serious suggestion: nametags for all students at primary and secondary schools. It seems like a simple step in the direction of community spirit that educators are constantly trying to encourage.”

“I make no claims that this idea will cause better test scores or other academic improvments. All I’m trying to do is start some conversations. And knowing somebody’s name seems like a good reason to say ‘hello.'”

Here’s the deal folks: I GOTTA MEET JEFFREY SHAFFER!

I Googled the hell out of him, and can’t get an email or phone number. Even tried 411 – nuthin! Considering the article, I would just love to chat with this guy. It’s just too perfect.


Do you know how I can get ahold of Jeffrey Shaffer?

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