Hurricane Katrina Costs Macaroni Grill thousands of dollars in…printing costs?

You aren’t gonna believe this one.

When the waiter at Macaroni Grill came to the table to greet my Grandmother and me, he informed us of a most shocking statistic.

“Our special this month was ‘Chicken Corrina,’ but unfortunately we’ve received about 10,000 complaints nationwide from customers who think that such a name for a dinner special is too close to ‘Katrina.’ So, the corporate office instructed all stores in the US to tear out the dinner special leaflets from every one of the menus until we reprint the inserts with the new title of ‘Chicken Sienna.’”

“Get outta here!” I said. “How many stores are there in the country?”

“130,” replied Jason, “and there are at least 200 menus at each store.”

“So that’s 26,000 inserts that have to be reprinted, packed and shipped to all the stores?”

“Yeah. And I’ve been yelled at more than 5 times this week from customers who can’t believe we’d name a chicken special so close to the name of the hurricane.”

Corrina. Katrina.

“It’s not that close!” my Grandma said.

“Yeah,” I replied, “and it’s not like after September 11th, people stopped calling 911!”

“I know, I know…” sighed Jason.

And I thought I had it tough when I was a waiter.

On a related note – ONE HOUR AGO! – George Bush actually took the blame for a slow Katrina response. Check it out on


How has Hurricane Katrina personally affected you or your business?

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