How to Start a Revolution

Biography isn’t destiny.

Challenge yourself to abandon popular delusions, banish childhood labels and break the veil.

You need to continue to evolve. You need to deprogram your mind. To detoxify your thinking, disconnect all shackles, drop your training and dismantle old assumptions.

Because if you DON’T do that – if you don’t eliminate old answers, rewrite your scripts and escape narrow definitions – you will never heal the damage the past has done. And you will painfully discover that it is your own rigidity that blocks your growth.

So, screw the neighbors. Screw the competition. Screw the reviews. Grab a ball-peen hammer, smash those destructive idols and instead, start prizing momentum.

It’s time to think new thoughts, turn off traditions, undo rote behaviors and unzip the ego.

It’s time to uproot self-destructive notions and weigh the truth.

Because when you jettison accepted limits, leave familiar territory and override your defaults, you start to pull back the curtain.

An as you recast your assumptions and re-educate your subconscious, you remake your brain. You remake your environment. You resist institutional inertia.

And that’s when the revolution begins.

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