How to become the Luckiest Person You Know, Part 3

Ever since the 20/20 segment ran last week, I’ve been getting LOTS of emails, IM’s and phone calls about luck.

So, let’s continue our discussion on How to become the Luckiest Person You Know!

First of all, if you’re new here, welcome!

My name is Scott. I wear a nametag 24-7.

Check out parts one and two of this series first!)

OK. Let’s get down to business…

1. Exponentially increase your activity level. Since November 2nd, 2000, I’ve met over 100,000 people. I also seem to be extremely lucky. Coincidence?

LUCK OUT: figure out how many people you encounter on an average day. Then triple it.

2. Don’t stay at home. The best way to be in the right place at the right time is to be in a lot of places.

LUCK OUT: next time you want to sit around and surf the net, read or write, go to Starbucks or something. Increase the probability of an encounter by positioning yourself in a high-traffic area.

3. Practice strategic serendipity. It’s about preparation, observation and relaxation. This is especially important for trade shows, conferences and other high-traffic venues.

LUCK OUT: got an event coming up? Cool! Read this article called 19 Ways to be the One Person at Your Next Conference Everybody Remembers.

Also, watch this:

4. Stick yourself out there. The reason I meet so many people (and, subsequently have so many opportunities) is because a nametag is unexpected. It breaks people’s patterns. It makes them wonder, “Huh?” And especially if they notice a nametag in an unexpected venue, like a concert or a wedding, they’re more likely to approach me.

LUCK OUT: it’s not about the nametag – it’s about making the mundane memorable. Be unexpected.

5. Go to where people are. Identify your perfect customer. Find out where that type of person hangs out. Then go there all the time! Make yourself visible. Consistently deliver value through articles and giving speeches … and let them come to you!

LUCK OUT: learn what association(s) your perfect customer belongs to. Become a member. (Also, take this hint from Samuel Jackson.)

6. What’s in your wallet? Write every one of your goals down on one sheet of paper. Make them specific and attainable. Give each of them a date. Keep this goal sheet in your wallet at all times. Commence luck.

LUCK OUT: try this exercise for three months. See what happens. I triple dog dare you.

7. Kiss your comfort zone goodbye. Practice intentional discomfort. Do something absolutely crazy. No guts, no glory.

LUCK OUT: watch the video clip below to find out the three steps to making a name for yourself!

What is the #1 pigeonhole of your industry?

Share your list of three ways to disarm it here!

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Scott Ginsberg
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Are you the luckiest person you know?

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