Here’s my sales philosophy

I’ve never been much for textbook sales methods: 17 kinds of closes, 24 ways to overcome objections, you know, all that stuff.

I’m not saying they’re wrong. Sales is sales. It’s just that much of the salesspeak seems manipulative. And businesspeople shouldn’t spend all their time practicing other existing methods, they should be developing systems of their own.

So here’s mine:

1) Sell yourself to yourself. The sale before the sale: the most important sale of all. It begins when you practice positive self-talk and daily affirmations that flood your subconscious with healthy thoughts. This will reprogram your mind to attract winning results based on your positive thinking. Ultimately, your attitude of approachability will become the foundation from which all future actions are based.

2) Believe in yourself. These thoughts will become beliefs. If you keep telling yourself that you are successful, intelligent, great at providing value, you will become (and do) just that. These beliefs will run through your mind and give you more self-confidence, simply because you kept talking to yourself.

3) Sell yourself to others. Now that you’ve sold you to you, and that you believe in yourself, share it with others. Lead with your person. Put it before your profession, position and title in a unique, unforgettable way. And remember: people buy people first. So, make friends with everybody. Increase your daily level of Zero Motive Interactions, online and offline. Practice interACTION, not interRUPTION. And whatever product or service you’re really selling, it will soon be bought after customers have bought you first. (And customers WILL buy you first because steps one and two make you the kind of person that want to do business with: friendly, attractive, confident and memorable.)

4) Enable people to buy your actual product or service. Notice I didn’t say “sell,” I said, “enable people to buy.” Give value first, project uniqueness by being That Guy and be approachable so you create confidence in the minds of your customers. Make the mundane memorable. Lead, sell and close with VALUE before price, that way when the time comes to write the check, price doesn’t matter.

5) Keep it alive. Become a resource, not just a salesperson. Think long term relationship, not one night stand. Think about the sale after the sale. Turn your customers into fans, and stay in front of those fans by regularly delivering value in your own unique way. Remember that these fans are the most important people in the world. Remember that consistency is far better than rare moments of greatness. And remember to have fun.

(Repeat steps 1-5 daily.)

What’s your Sales Philosophy?

Post it here!

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Scott Ginsberg
Author/Speaker/That Guy with the Nametag

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