Here’s me turning off my cell phone

Last week I had lunch with my friend Edward Khatskin, co-owner of K & G Financial. We were talking about cell phones when he gave me a classic approachability technique:

“When I start a meeting with a new (or prospective) client, I make sure they’re looking at me, then take out my cell phone, turn it off and toss it on the table. I’ll say something like:

‘I am now turning off my cell phone. For the next hour, I am giving you my full attention and will not be accepting any phone calls. I do this is because you are just as important to me as my other clients, and I want to make sure that I am giving you my undivided attention.

Also, so you know, my clients can always reach me on my cell phone, however, in the future if you call me and I do not pick up, it is because I am talking to someone just like you. Does that sound agreeable?’

This helps me set tone of professionalism and reiterates how much I value their relationship.”

Well done Edward! Man, I might have to try that one sometime…


How do you show personal availability to people during a meeting?

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