HELLO, my name is Podcast – Episode 4: Five Ways to Magnetize More Business

Since I’ve been dangerously sick for the past two weeks, I’ve had a lot of time between episodes of Law & Order to read and relax. Now that I’m on the road to recovery, I finally got around to recording another episode of HELLO, my name is Podcast.

This week’s clip focuses on MAGNETIZING more business. I really like the word magnetize. It’s the epitome of professional approachability: enabling the customers to come to YOU, as a result of your networking, branding and marketing efforts. It’s about giving value first, demonstrating credibility and authenticity to make people think, “Yeah, I wanna work with someone like that!”

So, enjoy. And if you haven’t already subscribed to my podcast, you can do so here.

Oh, and a special thanks to everyone who offered their kindness, prayers, cards and gifts while I was sick. You’re the reason I’m back to work. You’re the reason I’m feeling better. Thank you thank you thank you thank you.


What technique do you use to MAGNETIZE more business?

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