HELLO, my name is Podcast – Episode 3: The Sweetest Sound in the World

So far this week, there’s been a lot of buzz about WOMMA’s Basic Training Conference; which makes sense since they’re the Word of Mouth Marketing Association! But while I attended (and spoke at) the event, my mind kept returning to an idea that I knew I wanted to come back and address: names.

Of course, each person attending the event wore a nametag. Some people wore two. (And I sported my usual 3, including the tattoo.) But still, you couldn’t remember everyone’s name because, as Sigmund Freud explained in his basic writings, “A person’s name is the single context of human memory most apt to be forgotten.”

A few people throughout the conference asked me how I remember names so well. And honestly, I have no idea. I guess there’s just pressure to reciprocate since everyone already knows my name!

Still, there are lots of great articles and resources on name-remembering out there. And in today’s episode of HELLO, my name is Podcast, you’ll hear some tips and techniques on how to do so; in addition to a few examples from the WOMMA conference on the connection between names and approachability.

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What’s your best name-remembering technique?

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