HELLO, my name is Podcast – Episode 10: Are Marketing & Dating the Same Thing?

One of the first principles I teach in my books and speeches is that approachability is a two-way street. The word comes from the Latin verb apropriare, or “to come nearer to.” This means that in addition to being proactive in approaching customers, prospects and friends; you also must position yourself, your company, your ideas, your value and your services in a way that magnetizes them to YOU.

A few years ago I was explaining this theory to one of my clients. She interrupted and asked, “Scott, I’ve been wondering this for a few months now: does wearing a nametag 24-7 ever help you get dates?”

Ha! If I had a nickel for every time someone asked me that.

But while I explained to Pam that my nametag was a signal for friendship – not a pick-up tool – something dawned on me.

Marketing and dating are the exact same thing.

Listen to (or download) my latest podcast to find out why! Or, if you’re not in the listening mood, read the article here.


In what ways are marketing and dating the same?

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Scott Ginsberg
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