Don’t let your desires run away with you

Seinfeld was once asked what the secret to show business success was. 

He said the difference maker was hunger. It’s who wants it more. 

Of course, that’s also the great paradox of life. We can mess up something because we want it too much. By overextending ourselves to make something happen, we actually stop it from happening. 

There’s a balance. Loving the labor, but not living for the fruit. Doing the work, but avoiding the psychological mistake of having expectations for what you think you deserve in return. 

Skilled rock climbers understand this principle better than anybody. They know that gripping onto their rocks, tools and ropes too tightly can lead to sweaty blistered palms, forearm cramping and loss of stamina. 

Which, if you’re hanging off the side of a mountain, can be the difference between an enjoying an exhilarating outdoor adventure and plummeting to your bloody and gruesome end. 

The point is, don’t let your desires run away with you. It’s one thing to have hunger, it’s another to eat yourself alive.

Stop trying so hard to make things happen. Hanging in there is critical to long term success, but hanging onto your dreams too tightly might make them disappear before your very eyes. 


What result are you contaminating because you want it too much?

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