Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes, Day 15 — Useful Helplessness

Change is hard for all of us, myself included. In this new series, I’ll be sharing daily mediations on transition, change, reinvention. Look out all you rock and rollers, turn and face the strange.    

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Helplessness is useful. 

It motivates our choice to contribute in a meaningful way we otherwise wouldn’t have considered. 

Companies are laying off employees by the millions right now. It feels like a sucker punch to the organizational gut. People are feeling deeply disoriented, as is the case anytime team members leave the company out of nowhere. If you’ve ever experienced this kind of transition before, it ain’t pretty. 

You know what these people need right now? Not monetary incentives and not another happy hour and not some lame office theme day. 

Acknowledgement. The genuine feeling of being seen for their whole person beyond just their role. 

We never have nothing left to give. When it comes to the gift that only we contain, it’s a renewable resource. We can’t use it up. The more we offer, the more of it we have. 


What motivates you to contribute in the way only you can?

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