Bringing your humanity into focus

Meditation is more than simply noticing you breathing. 

It’s also about interacting with the space between the breaths. When your mind starts to wander, for example, and you suddenly realize that you’re drifting off to fantasyland and making your to do list inside your head, that’s the moment of truth:

The opportunity to return to the breath without judgment. 

If you can accomplish that, you’re growing. Every meditative effort of compassion that you make moves you one step closer to enlightenment.

Keep in mind, though, meditation is not a competition with yourself and others. There is no prize for the grasshopper who thinks the fewest thoughts. And it’s not an activity you need to get good at. 

That’s just spiritual materialism. 

The purpose is simply to practice. To keep the game going. To use meditation as another vehicle for answering some questions about yourself. 

Trusting, that as you forgive and accept and even love all of your faults, perhaps those same behaviors will no longer bother you in others. 

Ultimately, mediation is not about how hard we concentrate, it’s how quickly we forgive ourselves when we don’t. 

That’s the greatest weapon of the spiritual revolution. 

How we meet each moment within ourselves. 

LET ME ASK YA THIS…What do you say to yourself in those moments when your awareness drifts from center?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

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