Brand Origins: The First Mass Email I Ever Wrote

I started writing HELLO, my name is Scott during my senior year of college at Miami University. And since I was a marketing major, I like to think I applied some of my knowledge…

So, as graduation drew close, I began collecting emails. LOTS of emails. And not just the addresses of my close friends with whom I wanted to stay in touch, but every classmate, casual acquaintance, radio station coworker, professor, random dude who always saw me walking to my capstone, and the like. I told them I promised to drop them a line as soon as the book was done.

Now, that was three years ago. And just last night, I stumbled upon a listserve from Miami University that actually posted my original mass email to all of my college friends, thanks to my old friend Eric Fox.

See, this is why I love Google.

But it was the first mass email I ever wrote. (And it wasn’t a very good one, I might add.) But as the 5 Year Anniversary Celebration continues, and as I think about everything that’s happened since 2002, it’s fascinating to go back and see the origin of an idea and, subsequently, how its brand evolved.


How has your brand evolved in the past three years?

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