Bitter thoughts are like scars on your forehead

Cynicism is wildly seductive. 

It’s an easy way to think about the world, a humorous way to perform for an audience, an inexpensive way to interact to coworkers, a strategic way to boost website traffic, a protective measure against disappointment, a free pass from taking responsibility and a simple way to disengage from the intensity of what you’re really feeling. 

What’s not to like? 

Of course, everyone knows that cynicism is the lazy way to respond to life. It’s a copout. It’s a refusal to do the work. 

The problem is, there’s zero shortage of jet fuel for the engines of modern cynicism. Take one look around, and you’ll see bitter thoughts like scars on our foreheads. 

And I’m certainly not exception to its gravitational pull. 

Everyday, I encounter somebody who, in my mind, desperately needs some upside down ankle shaking. But I have to remind myself that I have no way of knowing what’s inside of people. They’re fighting a battle I know nothing about. And it doesn’t serve me to see people behaving in a way that I don’t approve of and instantly assume that they’re nothing. 

Everyday, I’m confronted with another new episode of violence or hatred or fear that highlights lowest forms human behavior. But I have to remind myself that there isn’t more carnage, just more coverage. And that it doesn’t serve me to believe we live in a barbaric slaughterhouse once known as humanity. 

These are the hopeful words I whisper to myself. They may sound naïve and soft, but it’s what helps me see the horizon of a better day. 

As the song lyric goes, keep a jealous eye over yourself, and believe the bright lights as they begin to swell. 


Are you responding with wonder, or reacting with bitterness? 


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