Believe that you are the source of time

Hendricks once wrote that time is not something that’s out there. It’s not something we have or don’t have. Rather, we are the source of time, and we can make as much of it as we want. He says we have exactly the right amount of time to enjoy everything we’re doing. 

Now, I had to read his book a few times before that concept fully sunk in. But once it did, I began to practice complete abstinence from complaining about time, taking myself out of the victim position in regard to it. Because as I learned, each complaint about time is a mini whimper of misery, a claim that time is the whip and you’re its hapless galley slaves, rowing desperately to stay ahead of the lash. 

And so, not complaining about time helped me take ownership of it. I began to acknowledge that I was the source where time came from. Eventually, this allowed my time orientation to shift. And my life was never the same again. I can’t even remember the last time I complained about how little time I had. 

The question, then, is how would you behave differently if you believed you were in charge of your schedule? If you believed that you were the source of time? 

The concept is pretty far out there. But if you’re not satisfied with the way you currently spend time, it’s worth the experiment. 


How could you rearrange yourself around the understanding that you are the source of time?


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