Attributes of Approachable Leaders, Pt. 2

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ATTRIBUTE #1: Have conversations that change people.

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ATTRIBUTE #2: Meet people wherever they are.

No judgments. No evaluations. No appraisals. No worries. That’s the way I feel when I hang out with my friend Dr. Tom Lipsitz. As a veteran psychiatrist, he’s seen just about everything. There’s no problem you can bring to him that he hasn’t been exposed to before. Now, that doesn’t mean he has the answers to everything. But it DOES man that he (1) listens attentively, (2) meets you wherever you are. Whew.

Here are three ways you can start LIVING this attribute today:

1. One word: “Wow.” It’s neutral, empathetic, non-judgmental and emotionally non-reactive. It buys you time, helps maintain composure and creates space in the conversation.

2. Articulate what’s occurring. Verbalize your observations. Dance in the moment. Respond to someone’s immediate experience.

3. Create a comfortable climate. Honor people’s feelings. Acknowledge rising thoughts. This creates a safe container in which the other person can share.

How are you meeting people where they are??

For the list called, “13 Roles of the Listener,” send an email to me, and I’ll send you the list for free!

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ATTRIBUTE #1: Have conversations that change people.
ATTRIBUTE #2: Meet people where they are.
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