Adventures in Nametagging: WEN Style

I ventured back to Toledo last week for a few speeches…

First I worked with WEN of Toledo (Women’s Entrepreneurial Network). It was excellent. There were a lot more men than I expected! I gave away a few free books to my “homeboys,” aka “The MEN of WEN,” who clearly stood out from the crowd!

When people walked into the break out session room, I collected business cards for my Top Secret Exercise. As you may remember from last year’s most popular blog post, I walk around the room and flash the cards, challenging the audience to pick 1-3 that stood out the most.

Can you guess, based on the poster, which cards stood out the most?

Also, a quick side note: my apologies to the people who had to sit on the floor. It was a crowded session! And I wanted to thank the Hilton Dana Conference Center for not slapping me with a fire code violation, because I’m pretty sure we went WAY over capacity.


Directly after the WEN Conference, I drove out to Cedar Creek Church to work with the YMCA of Toledo.

The room setup was very cool: open, sunny, spacious and great acoustics. I’d definitely add it to my list of Top 10 Venues I’ve Ever Spoken At!

Next, I learned upon entering their meeting that Toledo is one of the top branches in the entire country! Well done!

We had a great time during the training session. Once again, we discussed the OING Model as it pertained to member/guest approachability.

We also spent some time discovering obscure CPI’s between staff members. It’s a great exercise: everyone grabs their copy of The Power of Approachability and asks each other Let Me Ask Ya This questions from the appendix.

Many of these CPI’s I was told NOT to repeat 😉

And of course, everyone’s favorite exercise: Three Word Job Titles. This is when we stand in two lines, five feet apart, face to face. Everyone wears a nametag bearing their brand new job title. Then, they all close their eyes and I walk around reading aloud everyone’s label.

Since it was such a large crowd, our lines spanned across the entire church lobby!

The winner for Most Memorable Job Title unanimously went to the staff member whose nametag read: YMCA Money Spender.

All in all, it was an awesome week. Big Ups to CNP Guru Debby Peters for setting everything up!

What’s your job title?

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Scott Ginsberg
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