Adventures in Nametagging: Tables, Terminals and Hatemail

“Acts of friendliness in moments of anonymity.”

That’s why I wear a nametag:

To invite people to join me, to remind the world that face to face is making a comeback and to create spontaneous moments of authentic human interaction infused with a spirit of humor, playfulness and connection.

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, a nametag is worth a thousand stories.

Here are my most recent adventures:*DAY 3,875: Today I went out to dinner with a few friends. I showed up late, as usual. The hostess spotted me and said, “Scott, your friends are in the back corner. They told me to look for the nametag. Enjoy!” This is by far one of the best parts about wearing a nametag: I’m so easy to spot.

*DAY 3,876: Today I took the shuttle from the terminal to the parking garage. It was packed. When the last passenger boarded, he noticed the last empty seat next to me and asked, “Scott, do you mind if I sit next to you?” The entire bus erupted in laughter. He sat down and said, “What? Scott’s the only guy on the bus I know.”

*DAY 3,877: Today I received one of the best pieces of hate mail of all time. A man named Pedar wrote, “Scott, I just finished watching a bunch of your videos. I hate the fact that you inspire me.”

What was your best nametag related adventure?

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