Adventures in Nametagging: Student Leader Style

In the past week, I’ve had the opportunity to give three speeches at two different student leader events. The first was NCADA (National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Awareness). The Missouri State Conference was held here in St. Louis, so I got to meet over 200 awesome students, many of whom are from my hometown. And yes, I did hang out with my fellow Parkway North folks – go Vikings!

This event was especially cool for a few reasons. First of all, I’ve always been a supporter of the cause. I don’t drink, smoke or use any other drugs, and to be able to share those experiences with these students was truly awesome. My anti-drug is a nametag, I told the students.

Also, my mother and grandmother were in the audience. They rarely get to see me speak, and especially with a topic like this, it was wonderful to have them there. I even got to share one of my favorite original poems, When I Was A Kid.

Then, yesterday I spoke at the annual conference of ACACIA fraternity. These guys were AWESOME! In this picture, we’re running an exercise called “What’s the Obscure CPI?” They found out some pretty interesting stuff about each other, some of which I probably shouldn’t repeat 😉

And the cool thing about working with the guys from ACACIA was their philosophy on “uniqueness.” I read in ACACIA’s Strategic Initiative, “Rising to the Challenge,” that all men in this fraternity strive to be unique, NOT different. Nice! And I also quoted President David Allen, who said, “The most important man in your chapter is the next one you recruit.

What’s your anti-drug?
Think about when you were a student. What choices you made then have an effect on the way you do business now?

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