Adventures in Nametagging: Gelato, Fire Breathing & The Bliss of Not Knowing

“Acts of friendliness in moments of anonymity.”

That’s why I wear a nametag:

To invite people to join me, to remind the world that face to face is making a comeback and to create spontaneous moments of authentic human interaction infused with a spirit of humor, playfulness and connection.

And if a picture is worth a thousand words, a nametag is worth a thousand stories.

Here are my most recent adventures:*DAY 3,863: Today the girl behind the counter spotted me and said, “Nice to meet you Scott, my name is Stephanie!” The other two guys in line looked confused, then looked at me, then cracked up. I was not rewarded with free gelato.

*DAY 3,870: Today at the Shakespeare Festival, I walked past the fire breather. He asked if I was the Nametag Guy. I said yes. He told me he read my blog. I said thanks. He never broke character the whole time.

*DAY 3,871: Today I ran into my friend Brian. He was talking to a girl who introduced herself as Christine. “I see you’re wear a nametag,” she said. I told her I always wore it. She chuckled. Then Brian asked if I was going to go into my entire spiel about. I said no, and that some things are better left unexplained. Christine responded, “I kind of like that I don’t know.”

What was your best nametag related adventure?

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