Add a layer of intention and attention

Progress equals happiness. 

Even if you’re not certain where you want to go yet. Even if you don’t know what it will look like when you get there. 

At least you’re on the path. And that’s the most important thing. 

Because with any form of progress, be it dull or spectacular or somewhere in between, you automatically create earned feelings of joy and meaning and engagement and satisfaction. And those are the very forces that allow you to continue. 

The goal, then, is designing action rich environments for yourself where you can see the progress of your work. This helps reinforce your sense of momentum around the project at hand.

When I’m composing songs for a new studio album, for example, I’ll use the voice recorder app on my phone to monitor my progress. This allows me to document each step of the songwriting journey, from capturing source melodies to writing verse ideas to testing chorus options to tinkering with bridge variations to testing songs during live performances. 

That way, by the time the tune becomes a living, breathing product in the world, I can always look back to that original compilation of work files that led to its completion. Which, many months later, often sounds completely different from the final album version of the song. 

That’s progress. Which leads to happiness. 

Doesn’t cost me anything. Doesn’t add any time or labor to my process. 

It simply puts a layer of intention and attention on top of the work I’m already committed to doing. 


How are you creating a work environment that reinforces you sense of momentum?


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