A sign that you’re still alive

famously wrote that change is the process by which the future invades our
lives. That change is an elemental force with accelerative thrust that has
personal and psychological consequences. 

One of which is the sense of loss.
Even death. That’s what makes change so scary. It requires a certain amount of
mourning and surrendering control and letting go of a portion of your identity. 

After all, who are you without your precious habits? 

But when the future
invades your life, you can no longer grasp at what worked in the past. You only
betray yourself when you deny the change that terrifies you. 

Personally, I’ve
never been particularly skilled at change. I prefer routine and ritual and
consistency and wearing a uniform to work and eating the same thing for
breakfast every day of my life. 

And yet, with those constants, I’m learning to allow
myself the freedom to change as I discover new and better approaches. To keep
my life in permanent beta. To acknowledge that I have bugs that that there’s
always new development to do on myself. And to remember that change only feels
hard because we’ve been practicing something else our whole lives. 

By trusting
this process, by welcoming the change, I can use it instead of just reacting to
it. I can proactively create habits that support the change I’m trying to make.
It’s actually quite liberating, now that I think about it. 

Mezrich was right
when he said that change is always something to celebrate, it’s a sign that
you’re still alive. 

Certainly beats the alternative. 


Are you looking backwards to preserve the past, or looking forward to create the future?


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