5 Building Blocks of Blogging Brilliance

How many blog posts did you write last month?

Answer: Not enough.

Blogging (might) be, like, the greatest thing to happen to the Internet since … the Internet.

I’ve been posting since 2003, and as a writer, speaker, coach and entrepreneur, here’s what I’ve discovered:

Blogging is the single most effective marketing tool for eradicating anonymity.

Let’s explore five secrets to make sure YOUR blog starts bringing in BIG bucks.

1. Themes work. Let’s begin with some thematic elements of your blog. Because the key is to make sure all of your posts fall under the umbrella of your theme. So, before you even begin posting, ask yourself the following question:

If everybody who read my blog did exactly what I said, what would the world look like?

This might be the most important question you could ask because the answers build a foundation – a school of thought or a philosophy – to which all of your future blog posts will adhere.

SUGGESTION: On your blog design template, include a section where your readers can learn about your personal philosophy. This will assure that each person who comes to your blog will know exactly what it – and YOU – are all about, as soon as they arrive. What’s your philosophy?

2. Consistency wins. Consistency is integrity. Consistency reinforces reliability. Consistency earns trust. And consistency is the hallmark of successful branding.

So, don’t start a blog just for the sake of starting a blog, or because your friends are doing it, or because you feel it it’s the right thing to do. You actually need to COMMIT and stay with it.

SECRET: If you’re going to blog, blog every day.

After all, it IS a marketing tool. And marketing is an activity you need to do every day. Think of it this way: You wouldn’t run one newspaper ad on a random Tuesday and never advertise again. You’d do it consistently because marketing is about repeat impressions. How often are you posting on YOUR blog?

3. Content is everything. Content is king. Content validates credibility. Content delivers value. Content drives action. Content pulls instead of pushes. Content leads to WEALTH.

Got the point?

BIG HINT: Don’t just post links, pictures, stories or talk about what you ate for breakfast this morning. I’m talking about valuable, juicy, helpful, solid CONTENT.

Oh, and here’s the best part – if your content is GOOD, it starts to replace things. Content replaces selling. Content replaces agents. Content replaces pitching. Content replaces advertising. Content replaces cold calling. How hot is YOUR body of work?

4. Hone your voice. The best blogs on the web are the ones that talk directly to the reader. So, keep it personal. Ask questions. Write conversationally. And don’t be afraid to modify your writing style to a more informal nature.

SECRET: If you write like you talk, people will listen.

Remember, the whole point of publishing a blog is to create community. To create fans. And if you want to do that effectively, you must do so on a one-on-one basis. How conversational and comfortable is the voice of YOUR blog?

5. Self-Promote Strategically. Sure, it’s YOUR blog. It’s YOUR content and YOUR philosophy. But don’t lose sight of what your blog is for. It’s about value. It’s about community. And it’s about sharing – FIRST.

Now, of course, you should self-promote. But for now, I want you to ask yourself the following question:

Does your blog give the impression of VALUE or VANITY in the eyes of your reader?

Hopefully the latter! Value, value and value! That’s the one word too many bloggers overlook.

REMEMBER: Blogging is the single most effective marketing tool for eradicating anonymity.

Follow these basic building blocks, you’ll turn your blog into a BANK.

How many blog posts did you write last week?

For the list called, “72 Ways to Take Your Blog from Anonymous to Award-Winning,” send an email to me and I’ll send you the list for free!

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Scott Ginsberg
That Guy with the Nametag
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