32 Ways to Pinpoint the Vehicle of Your Uniqueness

Many of my clients, colleagues, readers and audience members come to me with the same challenge:

What’s my uniqueness?

My response is usually twofold.

FIRST: Dude, I have no idea. That’s not my job.

Consider Curly’s Law, as portrayed by Jack Palance in City Slickers:

“The secret of life is one thing. Just one thing. And that’s for YOU to find out. Stick to that, and everything else don’t mean sheeeeit.”

SECOND: That uniqueness – that ONE THING which makes you That Guy – isn’t some goofy shtick that you and your Mastermind Group come up with during an afternoon brainstorming session at Panera that you haphazardly smear all over a bunch of low-rent promotional materials and put up on a website designed by your fourteen year old daughter that makes you look like a wannabe loser.

That ONE THING is already there.

In the depths of your being. In the core of your personhood.

And we know this because Michelangelo told us so:

“The sculpture is inside the stone,” he said.

WHICH MEANS: If you truly want to pinpoint the vehicle of your uniqueness, you need to start chipping away.

Fortunately for you, I have a chisel…

Actually, I have twenty-six of them. And I’d be happy to share those chisels with you right now.

No charge. No strings. No worries.

“What’s your uniqueness?”


1. It’s what you’re known as.
2. It’s what you’re known for.
3. It’s what you are the best at.
4. It’s what you were the first at.
5. It’s what you’re the answer to.
6. It’s what you’re known for knowing.
7. It’s what you find absorbing, involving, enthralling.
8. It’s what you’ve always found to be incredibly easy.

9. It’s what your life intends to do with you.
10. It’s what validates your existence on a daily basis.
11. It’s what you could talk about forever at the drop of a hat.
12. It’s what you’re the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World of.

13. It’s what you love to do that (you can’t believe) people actually pay you money to do.

14. It’s what you’ve internalized the technical foundation of and no longer have to think about when you do it.

15. It’s the three compliments people make about your business that, to you, are just effortless extensions of your inherent expertise.

16. It’s what makes people stop, listen and say WOW.
17. It’s what makes people watch you with breathless interest.
18. It’s what makes people email you to thank you for teaching them.

19. It’s what people are always asking for your advice on.
20. It’s what people take notes on when they watch you in action.
21. It’s what people say when they introduce you to someone new.
22. It’s what would disappoint people if they heard you had stopped doing it.
23. It’s what people will never think about the same way again after meeting you.

24. It’s the ONE thing you do great.
25. It’s the ONE thing you can’t (not) do.
26. It’s the ONE thing you can’t (not) be.
27. It’s the ONE thing that’s underneath your fingernails.
28. It’s the ONE thing you have to force yourself NOT to do.
29. It’s the ONE activity during which you are most true to yourself.
30. It’s the ONE thing you would (still) do every day, even if were the last human on Earth.

31. It’s the ONE activity that, when you start doing it, you don’t stop until your spouse elbows you in the ribs.

32. It’s the ONE thing, like Mozart sitting down to the piano at age three; like Tiger stepping up to the tee at age four; or like Will Hunting approaching the chalkboard at age twenty, that you’ve never had to THINK about doing – you could just play.

OF COURSE: Pinpointing the vehicle of your uniqueness is only half the battle.

The real challenge is turning that expertise into MONEY.

Fortunately for you, I have tool for helping you do that too.

And if you would like access to it, follow the instructions below…

What is the vehicle of your uniqueness?

For the list called, “31 Questions to Turn Your Expertise into Money,” send an email to me, and I’ll send you the list for free!

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