19 Do’s and Don’ts of Award Winning Entrepreneurship

DON’T allow people to make you feel bad for being awesome.
DO personally amputate anyone who doesn’t believe in or support you.
And surround yourself with people who love and inspire you.
Who could you call at 2 AM?

DON’T be so interested in creating a work of art.
DO be interesting in becoming a work of art yourself.
And just know that it’s never truly finished.
What did you create today?

DON’T be selfish with your knowledge.
DO share your expertise generously so people recognize it, become addicted to it and eventually depend on you for it.
And the world will open up to you.
What did you teach today?

DON’T be the most unique.
DO work the hardest at your uniqueness, know it well, amplify it, commit to it and stay consistent with it.
And the market will reward your handsomely.
What value are you prepared to deliver to others so that they will voluntarily give you their money?

DON’T feel the need to justify yourself to, waste your time on, or become upset if, you piss off people who don’t know how to value you yet.
DO the thing that makes people watch you with breathless interest.
And that select pool of individuals will be all the support you need.
To whom are you a rockstar?

DON’T feel the need to tell people everything you know to convince them.
DO regularly put yourself in front of economic buyers so when they DO feel the need, you’re the trusted advisor they think of first.
And that will be all the marketing you’ll ever need to do.
Do you have marketshare or mindshare?

DON’T just sit in bed mulling over things.
DO get up and go think on paper.
And your ideas will be executed significantly sooner.
How much money have you lost because you didn’t feel like writing your ideas down?

DON’T live your life in boxes.
DO realize you don’t need anybody’s box.
And you will be set free.
Do you pick the box that says, “Other”?

DON’T get fancy and try to appeal to everyone.
DO be courageous enough to go with something simple and focused.
And your message will have the best chance of getting through and sticking TO people.
Does your marketing pass the 5th Grader Test?

DON’T spend any extra time trying to impress yourself.
DO make a conscious effort to inspire and wow the masses.
And incidentally, you WILL be impressed.
Whom have you made gasp this week?

DON’T obsess over the need for approval from anyone other than yourself.
DO learn to affirm yourself by applauding internally.
And you’ll get standing ovations every time.
Are you your own #1 fan?

DON’T recreate what’s always been recreated.
DO produce something people have a yearning for.
And you will capture the world’s imagination.
Do you bring a new lens or just regurgitate recycled wisdom?

DON’T apologize for the one thing you are that consistently wows people.
DO give your audience permission to be taken over by your performance.
And they will stand in line and pay higher prices than they know they should.
How often do people see you, being you, in your element, doing what you do?

DON’T compete.
DO create.
And you’ll redirect your energy into something you can win at, every time.
What did you create today?

DON’T spend most of your time planning.
DO spend most of your time building.
And action will become the engine that drives your credibility.
Do you really need to attend another mastermind meeting?

DON’T be stopped by not knowing how.
DO flirt with impatience, ambiguity, irrationality and insanity.
And you’ll discover that logic is overrated.
How much money are you losing by waiting until you know what you’re doing?

DON’T become so absorbed in the limitations of your condition that you don’t explore the creative possibilities of the situation.
DO move in the direction that helps you build your usefulness.
And in so doing, you will be performing an act of worship.
Why were you designed to cure?

DON’T fill up your time with mindless efforts to prove yourself.
DO fill up your time with mindful efforts to improve yourself.
And every day, part of you will get stronger; and part of your life will get better.
How did you add value to yourself today?

DON’T be limited by the thoughts others have tried to set in motion for you.
DO ignore the would-be deflectors of your one true dream.
And plunge forward into the vortex of swift, focused action.
Whose life are you living, really?

What are your entrepreneurial do’s a don’ts?

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