18 Lessons from 18 People Smarter Than Me

1. MARK VICTOR HANSEN said, “Free enterprise means the more enterprising you are, the freer you are!”

What are you doing TODAY to increase your freedom TOMORROW?

2. T.S. ELLIOT said, “The Nobel Prize is a ticket to your own funeral. Nobody has ever done anything after he got it.”

Are you searching for a “finish line”?

3. SETH GODIN said, “The more people you reach, the more likely it is you’re reaching the wrong people.”

Are you worrying about the NUMBER of eyeballs or the RIGHT eyeballs?

4. BARBARA WINTER said, “Ideas are the ancestors of your success.”

How many ideas did you come up with today?

5. R. BUCKMINSTER FULLER said, “Intuition is cosmic fishing, you feel a nibble and then you’ve got to hook the fish.”

Are you listening to what your gut is telling you to write?

6. ROGER SCHANK said, “A question that has a stock answer is always the wrong question.”

What questions are you asking that your competitors aren’t?

7. DAVID LYNCH said, “It doesn’t matter where your idea starts. It matters where it leads you.”

How well are you executing?

8. ESTE LAUDER said, “Risk taking is the cornerstone of empires.”

What three risks have you taken this week?

9. FRANCIS BACON said, “Those ideas that come unsought are commonly the most valuable, and should be secured, because they seldom return.”

What things are you NOT writing down?

10. TOM WATSON said, “Good judgment comes from experience. And experience comes from bad judgment.”

What lessons have you learned from making poor judgment calls?

11. BUDDHA said, “Each day we are born again. What we do today matters most.”

Why are you still thinking about yesterday?

12. PAT WALSH said, “If you want to elevate yourself above other writers, then do it on the page.”

Are you talking shit or just writing really good stuff?

13. DANNY GREGORY said, “Spend less time on success and more time on art.”

How long did you work on your art yesterday?

14. JOHN MAXWELL said, “You can impress people from a distance, but only impact them up close.”

How are you getting people to come to YOU?

15. ELMORE LEONARD said, “If you want to be a good writer, just leave out the parts that people skip.”

Do you (really) think your readers are going to sit through your book’s boring foreword, preface, “how to use this book” page AND an introduction?

16. PAUL SIMON said, “If you start with something that’s false, you’re always covering your tracks.”

Whose material are you stealing?

17. SOME JAPANESE DUDE said, “Don’t seek to follow the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.”

What questions are you asking your mentors?

18. KAHLIL GIBRAN said, “If he is indeed wise, he does not bid you to enter the house of his own wisdom, but rather leads you to the threshold of your own mind.”

Are you letting the people you serve learn things on their own?

Are you playing with people who are better than you?

For a list called, “153 Quotations to Inspire Your Success,” send an email to scott@hellomynameisscott.com and I’ll hook you up!

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