111 Self-Assessment Questions to Make 2008 the Best Year Ever!

So, I’m on vacation for the next two weeks (my couch).

However, I wanted to keep last week’s tradition alive since the feedback from the Ridiculously Long Lists was so positive! As such, I came up with five more lists. This should hold you over until I return on January 7th.

See ya in ’08!

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And now, for today’s ridiculously long list:
111 Self-Assessment Questions to Make 2008 the Best Year Ever!

1. Are you growing in size or differentiation?

2. Are you still trying to get somewhere?

3. Did you work on your legacy today?

4. Do you give people a reason to help you in the future?

5. How are you closing the credibility gap?

6. How are you fighting your profession’s image?

7. How are you helping your customers build their business?

8. How are you turning your knowledge into money?

9. How can you arrange your day so you become unstoppable?

10. How do you avoid being perceived as one-dimensional?

11. How long does it take for your ideas to become tangible things?

12. How many different ways do you make money?

13. How many free samples of your work are out there?

14. How many people have you shared your goal with?

15. How might your biggest fan describe you?

16. How often does perfection keep you from starting?

17. How quickly do you take action on your new idea?

18. How transparent are your underlying motives when you’re selling?

19. How will you ensure your dominance?

20. If everybody did exactly what you said, what would the world look like?

21. If you only had two hours a day to work, what would you do?

22. If you were starting your career over again, in what area would you want more mentoring?

23. In what areas of your life are you most intuitive?

24. In what ways are you currently obsolete?

25. In what ways are you (not) currently obsolete?

26. In what ways will your job become bigger?

27. Is there an experiment you can perform?

28. Is this a good time for you to listen to me?

29. What “does it” for you?

30. What actions have I taken to live by my own lights?

31. What are the exceptions to the rules that helped you succeed?

32. What are the questions you (still) can’t believe your customers actually asked you?

33. What are the things you don’t like to admit about yourself?

34. What are the top three activities that fill your time to feel as though you’ve been productive?

35. What are you becoming?

36. What are you building?

37. What are you changing?

38. What are you doing to drive your competition crazy?

39. What are you due for?

40. What are you going to do differently next week?

41. What are you known as?

42. What are you known for?

43. What are you quietly starting?

44. What are you recognized as being the best at?

45. What are you recognized as being the first at?

46. What are you specializing in?

47. What are you the answer to?

48. What are your people NOT doing that you want them to be doing? Why not?

49. What beliefs are not serving your goals?

50. What brings you to life?

51. What companies make you starry-eyed?

52. What could you talk forever about?

53. What did you explore today?

54. What do you know that other people find valuable?

55. What do you know that people would pay money to learn?

56. What do you measure?

57. What do you think makes the difference between winners and losers? (If you want to know what I think – in ONE word – send an email to scott@hellomynameisscott.com!)

58. What do you try without being forced?

59. What have you recently UN-learned?

60. What ideas are you in love with that might prevent you from seeing clearly?

61. What is causing the gap between what you’ve done and your goals?

62. What is one thing you’d like to do less of in your work situation?

63. What is the part of your job you wish you didn’t have to do?

64. What is your #1 income producing activity?

65. What kind of person do you definitely NOT want to become?

66. What no longer worries you?

67. What old values do you need to throw out to make room?

68. What person, alive or dead, would you like to have as your work partner?

69. What pieces of conventional wisdom do you think are wrong?

70. What possibilities do you see now that weren’t obvious before?

71. What precedent will you be setting?

72. What problem do you solve for your customer?

73. What problem is this solving?

74. What questions do you ask yourself every day?

75. What questions do you look forward to?

76. What symbol do you need to create now to remind yourself of the new image, values and style you are going to operate out of?

77. What takes too long?

78. What three things are your customers most defensive about?

79. What three things should you be delegating, but aren’t?

80. What three things would make it worse?

81. What undertows do the people in your industry often get caught in?

82. What was your first positive experience earning money?

83. What would you protest publicly?

84. What’s your biggest distraction?

85. When someone comes to your website, how do you want them to feel?

86. When someone comes to your website, what’s the ONE THING you want them to do?

87. When was the last time you brought new skills to your clients and prospects?

88. When was the last time you created new value?

89. When you walk into a room, how does it change?

90. Where is a breakthrough needed?

91. Which idea would your hero jump on?

92. Which people in your life don’t respect your time?

93. How do you make your customers smarter and healthier?

94. Who actively hampers your ability to advance?

95. Who are you being?

96. Who can hurt you the most?

97. Who creates fires you waste time putting out?

98. Who is the biggest naysayer and what can I learn from that point of view?

99. Who is threatened by your ideas?

100. Who values you and your knowledge?

101. Whom did you recruit lately?

102. Whose thinking inspires your own?

103. Why are your clients telling their friends about you?

104. Why do you admire the people you admire?

105. Why do you do what you do?

106. Why do you make mistakes?

107. Why do you think most people leave your field?

108. Why do you want to be so successful?

109. Who inspired the people who inspired you?

110. How do you order your chaos?

111. How do you maintain forward momentum?

What is your #1 goal for 2008?

Share it with us. Accountability works.

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