You’re working way too hard

A scary moment for any entrepreneur is when they discover the discrepancy between the labor intensity of their input and the dollar amount of their output. 

In short, they’re working way too hard. 

It feels like they can never fully break out of the ghetto. They can never quite rise above the middle market. Jason, my cartoonist friend, said it best. 

You feel like a hippo in a hot air balloon. Barely off the ground, just trying to get some lift, with very little progress to show for a heck of a lot of effort. 

And so, what happens when you’ve made a million dollars, but you have nothing to show for it? It all goes back to strategy. 

If you want to operate a business within a rhythm of life that’s actually sustainable, here are the questions to ask before starting your next venture. 

How do you contribute a professional legacy that increases in value daily? 

Where can you start rolling snowballs down the hill, building real assets that grow more meaningful over time? 

How are you focused on activities that create compound interest? 

What are you doing today to increase your freedom tomorrow? 

What is the one thing you could do now that will have the most impact on your success in the upcoming year? 

And my personal favorite:

What are you creating that will honestly impress historians in two thousand years? 

Without asking these types of questions, the discrepancy between the labor intensity of your input and the dollar amount of your output will only increase. 

And your very cells will get exhausted at a primal level. 


Are you working way too hard?* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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