Your Savings Account of Human Healing

It’s okay to ask people to be there for us.

In those moments when the fury of the tempest leaves us tossed
and tattered, we should never hesitate to call in the cavalry.

They love it.
People want nothing more than the opportunity to show up for someone they care
about. That’s why they became our friends in the first place. Not because we have
the same shoe size, although that’s certainly a nice perk. Have you seen her
fabulous red boots?

No, they’re our friends because they want us to call on

The human longing to be useful, to be asked, to be necessary
to at least one other person in the world, runs deeper than anything. And when
we rob people of the chance to hit their daily quota of usefulness, to validate
their existence – if only for five minutes on the phone – we commit an act of

But if we’re fortunate enough to have a savings account of
human healing, we should never feel guilty about making a withdrawal request.


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