Your problem isn’t a lack of focus, it’s a lack of patience

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with ideas and dreams, worried that you simply must settle down, pick a lane and channel all of your creative energy into one particular project, hold on. 

Because there’s no reason you can’t do everything. There’s no reason you can’t take on a number of different endeavors. And there’s no focus police that’s going to lock you up for diversifying your interests and doing more than one thing. 

It’s simply a matter of pacing yourself. Playing the infinite game. Treating everything as an ongoing effort. Focusing on the small wins that enable you to make a little progress every day. Using tiny pockets of time to improve your results, project by project. 

And along the journey, trusting that with each interaction and iteration, your ideas will grow and grow until they are fully formed and ready to live in the world. 

This approach might not allow you realize every one of your big ideas within six weeks or even six months. But what’s the rush?

Better to patiently chip away at your project for ten minutes a day and watch it unfold according to its own clock, as opposed to sprinting for a month until you burn out, lose interest, abandon the idea completely and then beat the shit out of yourself for the rest of the year.

Look, creativity is like an investment portfolio. You make several small, daily deposits in a number of diversified accounts, until one day you look back and say, wow, look at all this wealth that’s accumulated. 

And so, forget about focusing on something. 

Pace yourself with a little bit everything. 

And you’ll free yourself up to do anything. 


Are you governing your growth by insisting you never diversify?

* * * *

Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

Author. Speaker. Strategist. Inventor. Filmmaker. Publisher. Songwriter.

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