Your Message, My Voice:
Commission Scott to Write Custom Material
to Help You Reach People Who Matter Most

The Client: Your company, organization, association, non-profit, school or group; serving anywhere from five to five thousand people.

The Challenge: You want to be heard – but your people (employees, staff, team, volunteers, members, constituency) aren’t being reached. Every message they receive from you is just another boring, overextended piece of corporate communication they delete immediately or peruse passively.

The Danger: They can’t hear you. If they can’t hear you, they can’t follow you. And if they can’t follow you, you lose.

Your Message: Your unique vision, strategy, culture, story, direction, values, ideas – or whatever else you want to communicate to your people.

Your Writer: Award-winning author — of a dozen books, two thousand articles and twelve hundred blogs, written with an unmatched voice. International professional speaker — delivered four hundred presentations to over a quarter of a million audience members worldwide. Renowned Thought Leader — conducted over five hundred interviews with major media outlets in print, radio, television and online. This man knows how to be heard.

Your Deliverable: 100% customized, private, exclusive, never published before/never published again, non-inventory piece(s) of content – newsletters, memos, employee communications, posters, change communications, articles, orientation and training manuals, executive summaries, annual reports, strategies, intranet sites, etc. – written by an outsider with fresh eyes and a fresh voice, untainted and unjaded by stale, corporate thinking.

Our Process: Discovery conversation/interview. Identify challenges. Scott reviews your current communications. Offers a proposal with samples. Set expectations and joint accountabilities. Agreement. One round of feedback. Delivery. Turn around time depends on client.

Our Investment: Commission fee range falls between $500 and $50,000. It all depends on how badly you want your people to hear you.

Our Result: First — Readable, listenable, accessible, followable, human, inspiring, interesting, engaging, entertaining, infectious, bloody and actionable writing. Second –cut through internal clutter, arrests your people’s attention, meets them where they are (but refuses to leave them where they are) and conveys your message. Third — excite them about listening, following and remaining loyal to your organization.

What is being unheard costing you?

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