Your day snaps into alignment with your dreams

My favorite computer command is called snap to grid

Here’s what happens when
this feature is enabled. 

The mouse moves a layer or an image or selection of
text. Next, the grid points magnetically pull on the object when it approaches.
And within a second, you’re assured to have all the images perfectly lined up
without trial and error. 

Ask any designer, this feature is enormously useful
for accurate placement of image elements. Especially if you’re the kind of
person who likes structure, order and efficiency. 
There’s a moment of sweet
satisfaction every time that grid snaps. 

Interestingly enough, this feature
isn’t limited to software. We can enable a similar snap to grid moment on the
user interface of our lives. 

Take mission statements, for example. They might
be hokey, but they work. Because every time we recite them, we gain a deeper
understanding of who we are and what we want. And with that knowledge, the
magnetic force of our grid grows stronger and more accurate. 

And then, whenever
a new meaningful object comes into our orbit, it simply snaps into place. 

Without trial and error. There’s no hesitating or hedging. It just lines up. 


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