You don’t own enough of yourself

Goffman’s social psychology research found that true identity is formed when people assert pride in the thing that made them marginal. 

When they realize, oh wow, what I thought was wrong with me, that thing that everybody always used to make fun of me for, is actually the very gift that I can use to belong to and create value for the world. 

What a glorious relief. Sweet liberation. Especially in our current culture, where every sickness, struggle, disorder, disability, illness, obsession, fetish and deviance has some kind of community attached to it. Virtual, physical or both. 

Which means, we don’t have to suffer silently and secretly anymore. We don’t have to shoulder the unnecessary burden of thinking we’re freakishly different and doomed. 

We just have to own it. To bravely shed our cloak of invisibility and engage in efforts to forge new connections with kindred spirits. Then and only then, the shimmering luxury item known as true identity will be ours for the taking. 

Listen, none of us needs to be caught in a story that’s less than who we are.

Not if we asset pride in the thing that makes us marginal. 

Not if we declare our identity with conviction.


If you were arrested and charged with owning your authentic self, would there be enough evidence to convict you?


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