You don’t have to justify want

We’ve always been told that it’s easier to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission. 

But isn’t the ultimate freedom refusing to explain yourself to people? Isn’t the goal to get to a place where you don’t feel obligated to explain and excuse and defend and justify and apologize for everything you make? 

It’s such a colossal waste of energy. And the worst part is, it never makes you feel better. Backpedaling only makes things worse. 

I’m reminded of my favorite comedian, who unapologetically said that he only did comedy for himself. Carlin said the fact that his work involved other people was great. And that it amused them and gave him an income was great too. But he did it just to have a chance to sing his song. George actually used to come right out and tell his audiences, you’re here for me, I’m here for me, and nobody’s here for you. 

And people loved it. They just ate it up. His productive selfishness didn’t require explanation. 

Which only proves the point further, begging for forgiveness is wildly overrated. Enough with the disclaimers. Just do the work and move on. Any attempt to make grand claims about what the work is, what it’s supposed to do, why you deserved to make it or what people should think about it, is a waste of time. 


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