You can always put a price on people’s impatience

Wait time is the single most important
factor in customer satisfaction. 

And the good news is, you can always put
a price on people’s impatience. There will always be a subset of customers who
are happy to pay their way out of line. Consider these examples from a variety
of industries. 

Retail companies offer free expedited delivery for impatient
customers who pay an annual flat fee. 

Theme parks offer front of the line
passes for impatient visitors who pay a one time service charge. 

Airports sell
memberships to impatient travelers who want to breeze right past the long
security lines and go straight to screening. 

Airlines offer early bird check in
for impatient passengers who pay extra to board the plane earlier. 

Coffee shops
sell drink ordering apps for impatient customers who don’t want to wait in line
at the store. 

Gaming consoles offer time saver packs for impatient players who
want instant access to advanced levels. 

Software companies offer personal
callbacks to impatient users who don’t want to wait on hold for a customer
support representative. 

Music streaming services offer monthly memberships for
impatient listeners who don’t want to sit through commercials. 

websites sell expedited vetting services for impatient vendors who don’t have
time to run background checks on every potential candidate.

Proving, that
impatience truly does have a price. People truly do understand the time value
of money. 

But it’s up to the companies to present them with useful, effort
reducing, inconvenience lowering, transaction streamlining, friction
eliminating options to do so. 


How are you challenging your customers to question how much their time is worth? 


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