You are not going to coerce me into hating you

Every time we want to resent the success of another, there’s always somebody to remind us not to hate the player, hate the game. 

But in reality, when was the last time hating something accomplished anything? 

This empty, frivolous meme is not a sustainable career strategy and it’s not meaningful advice. It’s just a license for cruelty. Towards self and others. 

Look, we live in an unfair world where there is no universal justice system and success does not have a line. It sucks. And it can be infuriating and discouraging. 

But harboring contempt for the system will not bring us any closer to our dreams. Doing everything we can to destroy and discredit the game is not a smart use of our time and talent. 

My favorite horror novelist depicts this human struggle in his chilling book about subliminal advertising:

If the competition legally uses it, what choice does even the most morally uplifted company really have? Everyone has to stay competitive. There are no individual villains. The whole system is the villain. 

If we are still pissed that our dreams have not come true yet, that’s fine. But let us channel that energy into meaningful activities that help move our story forward. Because no matter how strong the gravitational pull of cynicism is, the world is not going to coerce us into hating it. 

Our job is to reduce the quantity of fear and loathing and suffering in the world. 

First inwardly, then outwardly. 


Are you playing the game better, or playing the game differently?

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Scott Ginsberg

That Guy with the Nametag

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