Without the first step, the second is impossible

Cook’s groundbreaking book on the curves of life explains: 

The spiral is always growing, yet never covering the same ground. It’s not merely an explanation of the past, but it’s also a prophecy of the future. And while it defines and illuminates what has already happened, it is also leading constantly to new discoveries. 

That’s the beauty of the spiral. It’s an open ended curve. It gives the sensation of continuous motion. And it’s fundamental to the structure of growth in everything in nature, from plants to shells to the human body to atomic elements to genetic molecules. 

And of course, the creative process. That’s the most fascinating application. Because creativity is a regenerative spiral. Each new creation leads to new possibilities of new places to go. 

And the more places you go, the more places there are to go. Which, in turn, leads to more creations. 

That’s the spiral. Your past creations were necessary in order to bring the new one into being. Anything new that you do is movement. Every project you execute helps to move the story forward and keep the spiral growing. Even the creations that blow up in your face. Those failures are okay when you know that you’re on a long, upward curve. 

The point is, you can’t help but grow through your production. Every experience contributes to the expansion of the spiral, making you a little different from what you were before.


Are you governing your creative growth by insisting that you never diversify?


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