Why is generosity so exhausting?

My fear is that I’ve become a victim of my own integrity. 

That my cherished standards and principles and values and commitments have turned on me, causing more harm than good. 

Take generosity, for example. I understand the power and profitability of being recklessly and relentlessly generous. I wouldn’t be where I am without it. 

But sometimes, I suspect it’s working against me. Because when a large portion of my daily activity involves creating value without hope for repayment, giving away my talent to the marketplace until they’re ready to pay for it, contributing gifts that are allowing me to keep playing the game and delivering acts of emotional labor to create an imbalance in the world, eventually, I start to wonder if I’m barking up the wrong tree. If I’m being too nice and too approachable and too giving. 

Because that’s my brand. I’m the friendly, midwestern, upper middle class nice guy who would rather be heard than paid. I come from a wealthy family so I feel guilty about demanding compensation for my work. I’m a hypersensitive artist type who experiences physical pain when forced to assign monetary value to my intellectual property. 

And as a result, I’ve conditioned the marketplace to expect my work as a gift to take, not as a product to buy. 

Stupid core values. Maybe they’re finally catching up to me. 


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